Selling A Home

Exclusive Royal LEPAGE

The process of selling your home may look quite simple. Most consumers believe that the standard procedure in selling a home is one of putting a sign on the lawn, an ad in the paper and hoping the buyers show up at the door. There is so much more involved in the process.

Upon meeting with you, I will be providing you with a detailed comprehensive marketing plan for your home.

However, below I have listed a few of the exclusive "Value Added Services" that myself and Royal LePage partnering together provide my clients to effectively assure you the highest sale price possible by exposing your home to every potential buyer that could be in the marketplace for your home.

Counsel owners as to Current Market Value.

Attract every possible buyer qualified to buy your home.

Create an Innovative Marketing Plan specifically designed for your home including: Just Listed Cards, Neighbourhood Flyers; Customer Colour Presentation Folder

Canada's largest relocation company handling over 80% of all relocation business in Canada.

Name brand recognition.

Advertise on the internet.

Your home will have its own web page.

Contact Me” feature right from your home’s Web Page. I can be contacted immediately by any buyer wanting additional information.

Interactive Mapping of your home.

Internet Tracking of all inquiries made on your home.

1,275,971 user sessions in April 2005.

Public accessibility - Our offices are fully staffed, 7 days a week, with personnel available to handle any buyers inquiring about your home.

In-house marketing firm.

Available home preparation service.

Marketing Your Property

A.   A Marketing Plan is Important

You will relieved to know I have a detailed marketing plan to professionally supervise each step of the sales process.

Absolutely nothing is left to chance.

B.   Two Key Questions

 1.  What is the market value of your property?

 2.  How can I effectively market your property?

I like to demonstrate how i can effectively market your home first - and then discuss the pricing?

C. In my experience, the most common objectives sought by my clients are:

 1.  Getting the best possible price for your property.

 2.  In the least amount of time.

 3.  With a minimum amount of inconvenience.

Would these objectives describe your immediate concerns?

Basic Marketing Services



  Lawn Sign


  Use the Multiple Listing Service


  Newspaper Ads


  Hold Open Houses occasionally

I'll market your home using these basic services, and my intensive marketing program will utilize the latest technologies and innovations to give your home the maximum exposure it deserves.

 A.   Services that Make The Difference

In today’s competitive market place, it is important that your home be marketed to maximum Exposure, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, until it’s sold My marketing program is deisgned to meet these objectives.

B.  Anytime... Anywhere...Marketing

  Potential buyers will be able to easily find detailed information on your property.

  Comprehensive resources on buying and financing is canada’s leading real estate website.

C. My guarantee in marketing your property is that:

  You will always know what actions are being taken to sell your home.

  I will provide you with regular updates on our progress.

  I will keep you informed on the changing market conditions.

  I will keep you up to date on what other homes are selling for.

The Royal LAPAGE Advantage

  Canada's oldest most recognizable name in real estate.

  An industry leader in technology and customer satisfaction

  The most productive to producers in the business

  Unlimited resources working to turn your For Sale sign into a Sold sign.

I'm sure you would want and expect that kind of service from the agent you choose to represent you, wouldn't you?